If you are having trouble with your Minecraft game, you may want to consider how much RAM you are allocating to it. Not enough memory can cause a number of problems, including freezing and crashing. Having enough memory can fix those problems and keep your game running smoothly.

There are many different ways to check how much RAM you have allocated to your game. The most straightforward way is through the launcher. Your launcher will allow you to alter the amount of RAM you are allocating to the game.

In your launcher window, look for a field called JVM arguments. This is a text box where you can change the amount of memory you are allocating to your Minecraft. To change the size of the field, you can type in a new value in megabytes, or simply click up and down arrows to make a larger or smaller RAM box.

You can also use your task manager to see how much RAM you have allocated. Depending on your computer, you can get an estimate of your total installed memory, and also the size of the memory your Java application is using.

Another good way to find out how much memory you have allocated to your game is by checking the “Java/Minecraft” tab at the top of the window. This is a small text box containing the Java version of the game’s most important settings. It is worth noting that the Java version of Minecraft uses only 2 gigabytes of RAM.