Taming the ender dragon in minecraft can be a real challenge. The dragons can be dangerous but there are many advantages to taming them.

Firstly, it allows you to ride on a tamed dragon in the air. You can also control it through a command box. If you use the command box to spawn the ender dragon in your world, you will be able to control it in different ways.

Another cool feature is that you can tame the dragon by feeding it raw fish or salmon. You can also feed it pork chop or chicken. Raw fish can give it a high health, while pork chop and chicken can give it some fire and health.

Finally, tamed dragons can also be mounted on a saddle. To do this, you will need to find a suitable saddle. After you have found the right saddle, you will need to equip your Ender Dragon with the saddle. This will allow you to ride it around.

If you are playing on a server, the tamed dragon automatically belongs to the server. It can be ridden by another player.

A mature dragon has 60 Health Points. However, a hatching dragon has a limited number of points.

Using a bone item will cause the tamed dragon to stand up. In addition, the bone will also help you command it to lay down.

You can also tame the ender dragon in bedrock edition. However, it will be less powerful than the other tamed mobs.