If you want to hide a room in a base, you might be wondering how to make a secret door in Minecraft. To accomplish the feat, you’ll need a few ingredients. The first step is to make a hole.

The second step is to make a pillar. You can use either a wooden pressure plate or a stone block. A pressure plate is a little tricky to conceal, but a stone block can be disguised by covering it with a solid block.

There are many different ways to make a secret door. The easiest is a manual opening one. This is a great way to hide a room inside a base without using any fancy mechanics.

There are also some more advanced and impressive ways to construct a secret door. Some of these include a redstone torch and sticky pistons. While these do not require special mechanics, they are a lot of fun to build.

In order to make the simplest secret door, you need a few basic ingredients. First, you’ll need a 2×6 hole. Next, you need a Redstone dust. Finally, you’ll need a pillar made of sticky pistons and a redstone torch.

If you’re more of a tech nerd, you might consider building a lever to open the door. Depending on your taste, you can place the lever underneath a dirt mound or under a stone. Alternatively, you can place it in front of a block that looks like a door.