If you have played Minecraft, you may want to know how to go third person. In this mode, you can see the environment from an alternate perspective. It’s similar to looking down from the sky. However, it’s difficult to fight and build in this view.

You can switch to the third person view in Minecraft by pressing the F5 key on your keyboard. Pressing F5 again will return you to first person. Then, you can switch to the third person view again by pressing C.

Third-person camera angles in Minecraft have limited use, though they’re handy for checking out your skin. In the default view, you can only view the sides of your head. But with the Better Third Person mod, you can see your entire avatar. With this mod, you can also take pictures of your movements and poses.

If you’re playing on iOS, you can change the third-person perspective by going into your settings. However, you’ll need to download a third-person mod, which can be downloaded through CurseForge. Also, if you’re playing on Android, you can change the third-person perspective through the Settings menu.

For Nintendo Wii U, players can toggle third-person perspective by pressing the left stick. Similarly, PlayStation Dualshock and Nintendo Switch players can toggle the view by pressing the left joy-con stick.

Although these third-person views have a limited use, they’re still a lot of fun. Depending on what you’re doing, they can be very useful.