Turtles are a water-friendly creature that can be found throughout the world. They can be found laying eggs on beaches or in the sea. When they are laid, they can hatch into baby turtles.

Turtle eggs are placed on red sand. If they are placed on any other type of sand, they will not hatch. They can be laid in clusters of 1-4 Eggs, which can be placed on a single block. The hatching process begins when three cracks appear in the egg.

You can also speed up the hatching process by using a heat source. Torches can be used for this. Other heat sources include lava blocks, which can be obtained through mining and crafting.

Once the eggs have hatched, the turtles will follow you around. They are very fast when swimming. In order to get the turtle shell, you will need five turtle scutes.

To prevent your turtles from getting trampled, you should place them in a small pit. Make sure you have a bucket of water nearby to keep them hydrated.

Before you can start the hatching process, you will need to find a turtle nest. This is a safe haven that is akin to a zoo enclosure.

Baby turtles can be found in groups, usually around 5 members strong. The hatching period for them is between 21,600 and 22,550 ticks. These baby turtles are the smallest Mobs in the game.

After the hatching is complete, the turtles will return to the original spawn point to lay more eggs. It takes five in-game days for the turtles to complete the entire process.