Candles have become quite popular in Minecraft. They can be a fun way to create an ambience in a cave or to light a cake.

They are a relatively new addition to the game, and have been added in the Caves and Cliffs update. There are many different ways to light a candle in Minecraft, but one of the simplest is to use Flint & Steel.

You can also add Flames to a Candle using a Sword enchanted with fire. This only affects the Candle, and does not impact mobs.

Another fun method is to make a flaming projectile. Flaming projectiles are arrows that can be fired over a distance. It is not the simplest or most practical way to light a candle in Minecraft, but it is still a fun option.

Other options are to use Water to extinguish a Candle or a Use Command. However, they do not work as well as Flint and Steel.

The simplest and most efficient way to light a candle in Minecraft is to use Flint and Steel. These can be crafted on the crafting table or mined from gravel. You can then use them to light up up to four candles.

Aside from Flint & Steel, you can also use Fire Charges. These can be crafted with Blaze Powder and Gunpowder. While not as durable as flint and steel, they are still useful.

For a more stylish light source, you can try flaming projectiles. These can be thrown over a distance to light up a candle.