Sponges are a relatively new resource in the game. They can be useful for collecting water, building underwater bases, or even navigating the watery regions of the game. But it can be difficult to find them on some servers. So how do you get them?

The first step to obtaining a sponge in Minecraft is to find the ocean monument. This is a deep underwater structure which is often referred to as the Guardian Temple. You can get to the monument by diving under the water or by killing an elder guardian.

Once you’ve found the monument, you’ll be able to mine the sponges from there. You can use the sponges to dry out the water in an underwater base, or drop the water levels in structures.

Sponges have many uses, from being decorative pieces to absorbing large amounts of water. However, it’s not as easy to get them as you might think.

There are several ways to obtain the minecraft sponge, and they vary in complexity. One method involves building a furnace. Another is by mining a block with a special purpose.

Finally, you can get the minecraft sponge by killing an Elder Guardian. The Elder Guardian is a rare mob, but it’s worth a try. He can be a bit scary.

One other way to get the sponge is to create one using a furnace. This is not the easiest way to do it, but it’s also the cheapest. For this method, you’ll need a furnace, a wet sponge, a coal source, and a few items.