In Minecraft, players can craft different tools and weapons. One of the most popular tools is the axe. The axe is used for resource gathering and attacking mobs. However, there are many types of axes to choose from. They differ based on the materials used to make them.

There are two main kinds of axes: the stone axe and the wooden axe. The stone axe requires three cobblestone blocks and two sticks to create. The wooden axe can be crafted with three wood planks.

To craft an axe, first create a crafting table. For this, you need to place two blocks or ores on the top row and one on the middle row. You need to leave a space of one block between them.

Place the remaining two ores or planks on the upper and lower rows, leaving a gap of a block. Repeat this process for each column. This will produce five axes. Each of these axes has a different set of enchantments. These enchantments depend on your level and the enchantments on the Enchanting Table.

Axes have a 25% chance of disabling your shield for 5 seconds. They are also a handy weapon against enemies with shields. However, axes have a limited durability and break after continued use.

Before chopping trees, you must make sure you have enough wood. If you need it, you can acquire it from a tree by holding the block of the tree trunk.