When it comes to Ancient Cities, there are a lot of features. The first thing to know about these structures is that they are deep underground. They are also guarded by a powerful enemy called the Warden.

If you want to find the location of Ancient Cities, you can use the /locate command. This works across Java and Bedrock. However, it is a fairly tedious process.

Before you begin, make sure to have a night vision potion. This will allow you to see clearly.

Next, you need to enter the area. You can do this by using the F3 key. Once you are there, you can look for deepslate bricks, which you can use to return to your base.

At the center of the city, you’ll find a large reinforced deepslate structure. There is a redstone lab underneath it, as well. These are structures that can help you find the location of any structure.

Once you are in the Ancient City, you’ll find a lot of loot chests. Many of these are filled with valuable items. Some of them are exclusive to this area, such as Music Disk Fragments and Echo Shards.

You’ll also find that the deepslate bricks are useful to build with. In addition, you’ll be able to get some really great end-game items from these chests. For example, you can find diamond gear, iron gear, and enchanted books.

Finally, you’ll need to face the Warden. As a result of the shrieking noises, the Warden will be awakened and will start digging into the ground. Be prepared to turn around if you need to, because the Warden can be dangerous.