If you want to join your friend’s Minecraft world, you’ll need to connect to their server. You can find a friend’s server by searching online for their gamertag. Or you can create your own server with a third-party service. Once you have it set up, you’re ready to start playing with friends.

To join a friend’s Minecraft world, you must be on the same version of the game. For example, if your friend is on the Java version, you won’t be able to join their game.

If you are using the Bedrock edition of the game, you’ll need to make sure that the game is installed and that it’s running on the same machine as your friend. Otherwise, you won’t be able to share a screen.

Once you’ve established the connection, you can choose to join the friend’s world by clicking the Invite Friends tab. The invite button is located next to the Realm name.

Once you have invited a friend, you’ll see a listing of all your friends. Select one and click the Add Friend button. When your friend accepts your invitation, they will appear in the game.

Some users have found success with the UPnP setting. You may need to select a UPnP setting from the Advanced setup menu. It’s best to check your firewall settings to make sure they’re not preventing incoming connections.

If you are having trouble connecting, it’s important to first restart your computer. Another option is to disconnect and reconnect to the internet. This can help you find a fix for the error.