In Minecraft, you can tame an ocelot as a pet. It’s a very cute animal and it can be found in the jungle biome. If you want to tame an ocelot, you’ll need to make sure you have plenty of room for it.

The first step in taming an ocelot is to feed it raw fish. You can feed it either raw cod or raw salmon. When the ocelot sees the food, it will approach you.

Ocelots are very fast and they can easily scare off a person. They are also very shy. This is why they’re not very easily tamed. For this reason, you must give them food that they are used to.

You can tame an ocelot by feeding it raw fish and by training it. When you have done this, your ocelot will become an ally. Your ocelot will not attack you, but it will follow you.

As soon as your ocelot becomes an ally, it will begin to trust you. Then you can breed it. After that, you can use it as a protector against creepers.

Besides taming an ocelot, you can breed it. You can also breed it by feeding it to two tame adult ocelots. To do this, you must put a raw fish into your inventory.

Afterwards, you can use your fishing rod to catch the ocelot. Once the ocelot eats the fish, it will grow into an adult. Finally, you can kill it with melee weapons.